Piggybacking off my previous post check out this woman. She dresses a little younger than her true age. There is no nudity despite the NSFW notice. Go HERE. You may have to join reddit to view her posts. Mainly the woman is blessed with a youthful appearance and models clothing. In the beginning she hid her face but has apparently dispensed with hiding. Very cute.

Student Teacher

This was in my email inbox.

While I was student teaching a few years ago, I used the school pool to swim laps in the mornings. A few teachers and a lot of students on athletic teams would work out in the mornings too.

It was a large high school and I may have encountered a student or two in the community shower who were in the class I student taught, but that was never an issue. I was only 20 years old at the time, and relatively young looking, and it was just generally assumed that I was a student. There were some fairly strict rules enforced by the coaches concerning leaving your basket out, disposing of towels, etc.

One morning I left my basket out and didn’t put my towel in the correct laundry bag–both apparently no, no’s! This was at a high school in Arkansas where corporal punishment is both allowed and used frequently. One of the coaches watching from her office came out and informed me I had earned three swats with the paddle.

It didn’t immediately occur to me that as a student teacher I had some seniority over generic students that would have immunized me from typical discipline. To make a long story short, I did receive a paddling, and have never since broken any locker room rules!

Lady Alice

I just rediscovered Alice Sky aka Lady Alice. Beautiful, petite and a good actress. A perfect candidate for my stories. These photos were pulled from Real Spanking Institute, Sarah Gregory Spankings and ATA Spanking. She is easily to locate. There are some great clips here but start with this one. It is one of my favorites. I like the black garters and business attire.

Comments, writing and spanking

I haven’t posted recently because I have been writing a long story for a client. My first writing commission! This person requested certain elements be placed into their story. Obviously they were familiar with my work so they knew the types of stories I write. But I found the setup and logic of the plot challenging.

I acquaint the process to watching a horror film and saying “Why didn’t she just call the police?” or “Why did she do that?”. So, my job is to try to eliminate as many of those plot holes as possible and to attempt to address those questions, especially in a story of this type. I hope I achieved that goal at 18,000 words and 84 pages.

It was never my intention to write so much but the story took on a life of its own. I took my usual care with it. I would have liked to spend another month on it but it needed to be finished for the client and and myself.

There has been more traffic to the site and I appreciate it. Please continue to spread the word. I would also appreciate it if you could comment on the stories. Not for my ego, although it is always nice to read kind praises but it may help others to decide to read them or not. Which brings me to another point concerning coding or classifying my stories. I have a few which don’t follow my usual patterns. Would that be helpful? Please let me know.

And just a moment ago I read a question on a forum.

“What current TV personality or celebrity would you like to spank you?”

It made me think. The previous post picked Christina Hendricks as a switch partner. That works for me too. But off the top of my head I chose Lauren Cohen (The Walking Dead). I like her accent, which I know isn’t real, and her aggressive and softer qualities. Plus she has an athletic tight body. It could be fun. I will try to think of more. Let me know your picks in the comments below.

Meanwhile, please let others know about the site and let me know what kind of stories you would like to read. I am by no means out of ideas. I have hundreds.

Be seeing you.

Navi story

I just uploaded part two of Navi’s Little Halloween Misadventure. I will get to the concluding part very soon. Or I may decide to keep adding to the story. But for now enjoy this installment. I am working on another three tales right now. One, I hope I will be able to share here.

Meanwhile, thank you for visiting and please share the website with others.


Just a quick note to relate I am currently working on four new stories. So hang tight and hopefully I can deliver a present by Christmas. Please spread the word and share the site. Thank you!


I do not like to rush my stories. It is always a challenge not to repeat myself. And this is a difficult proposition considering the subject matter. That is why you occasionally will see stories that don’t fall in my usual theme.

So, when I am exploring variations on my usual subjects I take extra care. I craft my stories. I read them again and again looking for ways to create imagery and excitement through the words. I trim and refine.

I don’t publish until I am happy. Nothing is ever perfect but I do not like to post unfinished works or sloppy work. That is why I don’t churn out stories.

I know there other authors have time to produce works on a very regular basis. But I have found those authors to be derivative and repetitive. Yes, it is impressive to see the number of their body of work. But I prefer quality over quantity. I hope you do too.

Navi’s Little Halloween Misadventure will conclude with part two and should be ready soon. I have two other stories in the works and an old idea which takes place in space.

Thank you for your support. Please share this site. And please comment on the stories. Thank you.

Halloween Night (a poem)

by Alec Leamus

I locked myself out.

And could not get back in.

A mistaken identity was about to begin.

I heard a commotion and a voice filled with wrath.

My new neighbors suddenly were on the warpath.

Eggs and paper and a pumpkin smashed,

and away the culprits they had all dashed.

They thought it was me since I was alone there.

I tried to protest but they just didn’t care.

“I’m know that I’m short and my face is quite young.

But I’m twenty-three” I screamed from my lungs.   

The problem, you see, is the way that I’m dressed.

A borrowed school uniform I wore to impress.

So, I’m being punished cause my costume’s too good.

Spanked like schoolgirl with a hairbrush of wood.