Student Teacher

This was in my email inbox.

While I was student teaching a few years ago, I used the school pool to swim laps in the mornings. A few teachers and a lot of students on athletic teams would work out in the mornings too.

It was a large high school and I may have encountered a student or two in the community shower who were in the class I student taught, but that was never an issue. I was only 20 years old at the time, and relatively young looking, and it was just generally assumed that I was a student. There were some fairly strict rules enforced by the coaches concerning leaving your basket out, disposing of towels, etc.

One morning I left my basket out and didn’t put my towel in the correct laundry bag–both apparently no, no’s! This was at a high school in Arkansas where corporal punishment is both allowed and used frequently. One of the coaches watching from her office came out and informed me I had earned three swats with the paddle.

It didn’t immediately occur to me that as a student teacher I had some seniority over generic students that would have immunized me from typical discipline. To make a long story short, I did receive a paddling, and have never since broken any locker room rules!


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