Comments, writing and spanking

I haven’t posted recently because I have been writing a long story for a client. My first writing commission! This person requested certain elements be placed into their story. Obviously they were familiar with my work so they knew the types of stories I write. But I found the setup and logic of the plot challenging.

I acquaint the process to watching a horror film and saying “Why didn’t she just call the police?” or “Why did she do that?”. So, my job is to try to eliminate as many of those plot holes as possible and to attempt to address those questions, especially in a story of this type. I hope I achieved that goal at 18,000 words and 84 pages.

It was never my intention to write so much but the story took on a life of its own. I took my usual care with it. I would have liked to spend another month on it but it needed to be finished for the client and and myself.

There has been more traffic to the site and I appreciate it. Please continue to spread the word. I would also appreciate it if you could comment on the stories. Not for my ego, although it is always nice to read kind praises but it may help others to decide to read them or not. Which brings me to another point concerning coding or classifying my stories. I have a few which don’t follow my usual patterns. Would that be helpful? Please let me know.

And just a moment ago I read a question on a forum.

“What current TV personality or celebrity would you like to spank you?”

It made me think. The previous post picked Christina Hendricks as a switch partner. That works for me too. But off the top of my head I chose Lauren Cohen (The Walking Dead). I like her accent, which I know isn’t real, and her aggressive and softer qualities. Plus she has an athletic tight body. It could be fun. I will try to think of more. Let me know your picks in the comments below.

Meanwhile, please let others know about the site and let me know what kind of stories you would like to read. I am by no means out of ideas. I have hundreds.

Be seeing you.


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