I do not like to rush my stories. It is always a challenge not to repeat myself. And this is a difficult proposition considering the subject matter. That is why you occasionally will see stories that don’t fall in my usual theme.

So, when I am exploring variations on my usual subjects I take extra care. I craft my stories. I read them again and again looking for ways to create imagery and excitement through the words. I trim and refine.

I don’t publish until I am happy. Nothing is ever perfect but I do not like to post unfinished works or sloppy work. That is why I don’t churn out stories.

I know there other authors have time to produce works on a very regular basis. But I have found those authors to be derivative and repetitive. Yes, it is impressive to see the number of their body of work. But I prefer quality over quantity. I hope you do too.

Navi’s Little Halloween Misadventure will conclude with part two and should be ready soon. I have two other stories in the works and an old idea which takes place in space.

Thank you for your support. Please share this site. And please comment on the stories. Thank you.


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