Halloween Night (a poem)

by Alec Leamus

I locked myself out.

And could not get back in.

A mistaken identity was about to begin.

I heard a commotion and a voice filled with wrath.

My new neighbors suddenly were on the warpath.

Eggs and paper and a pumpkin smashed,

and away the culprits they had all dashed.

They thought it was me since I was alone there.

I tried to protest but they just didn’t care.

“I’m know that I’m short and my face is quite young.

But I’m twenty-three” I screamed from my lungs.   

The problem, you see, is the way that I’m dressed.

A borrowed school uniform I wore to impress.

So, I’m being punished cause my costume’s too good.

Spanked like schoolgirl with a hairbrush of wood.


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