New Story!

I just uploaded a new story! It has been a long time since I have written anything. It felt good to be inspired again. I currently have three other stories nearing completion. But this story is entitled Navi’s Little Halloween Misadventure. I was inspired by the three dimensional spanking art of Pandi360. He has created some beautiful women. One such lady is Navi, a gorgeous brunette. Is it possible to be in love with a three dimensional woman created in Daz? Maybe. I don’t know yet.

Pandi360’s main focus is F/m 3D spanking art. I understand this may not be your thing. That’s okay because he also creates F/F spanking scenes. He also has created an amazing game that you can download for free. Simply stated it is a choose your own POV adventure game with “ahem” consequences.

To be clear the game is F/m only. And even that assignation is misleading. In truth, the “m” is a shrunken male and not a young or regressed male. So no children are involved whatsoever. No, no, no.

Pandi360’s game world is very engaging and easy to play. The graphics, animations and voices (yes, voices) of the women are wonderful and greatly compliment the reality. The game takes place in a domestic setting which adds to the scene.

Currently he is running a series entitled Navi’s Little Halloween Misadventure. I was enjoying it so much I felt compelled to “novelize” it. Don’t be scared, what is posted here is not a novel. In fact, it is a short piece. I deliberately wrote it in a shorter style. Currently. I have only posted part one but I will post the remainder as Pandi360’s series continues and concludes. Meanwhile enjoy part one. And feel free to share this website with friends or even enemies.

And lastly, I have no intention of resurrecting the old Magic Box site or Beyond the Magic Box site. This is a repository for my works only. I may add a special series concerning my sexual history as a blog entry. But mainly you will only see my work here. Thank you.


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