I am a pioneer!

Did you know I helped to pioneer the niche genre of young women being mistaken for even younger girls and subsequently treated as such. It is a form of age regression albeit more mental. It can also be referred to as social demotion, age reduction, reduced status. The stories usually involve spanking but not always. The stories usually center on a young woman of petite stature who trades her identity, status or clothing in pursuit or promise of something more desirable. The main character can also be tricked out of her persona.

I started writing fiction stories involving age regression years ago. I began by writing straight age regression stories as a challenge to myself. I saw the lack of quality of stories and thought “I can write something better than that.” So I did. I also was not finding plots that I enjoyed and wrote stories I would enjoy reading. To my delight others enjoyed them too.

Then one day I came across HAL’s story First Hand Experience. This was is first real story. Later HAL wrote to me and clarified that he and the author Katchase had been corresponding. Their shared ideas blossomed and they both published stories at the same time. In light of this they should both share the credit of creating this niche genre. I should point out that Katchase’s stories are far less developed than HAL’s stories. They read as blog entries and are often incomplete.

I had never read a story like HAL’s First Hand Experience. It was like real regression. Of course, there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. Soon after I wrote a story entitled Michelle’s Mistake. It was based on a drawing of BoJay’s that I commissioned.

Soon after I began writing more and more. Not all of my stories are archived here. A fact I hope to remedy soon. But it was after I started writing that I began to see more and more stories along similar lines.

However, be wary of pretenders. I read a lot of spanking stories where the young woman dresses younger but every character is aware of her real age. Also the punishments are usually consensual wherein the woman agrees to her new status to discover and/or explore. This type of story does not fall in this category of our niche genre of regression. Some of these stories are very good but are not the same.

This genre must portray the undesired humiliation of the heroine. The realization of her almost hopeless situation. It has a definitive Twilight Zone feel to it.

After I started writing I did not start seeing these types of stories until years later. So I consider myself as being third in line in helping to foster and create this world. A world where many authors are producing works and making money too.

Would it have happened without me? Probably but maybe not as fast or in the way that it happened. Am I putting too much importance and grandeur on what is essentially erotic fiction? Yes, absolutely. But I am proud to have had my hand in helping to create these type of stories.

2 thoughts on “I am a pioneer!

  1. It’s good to see your stories collected here and I look forward to see more of them.

    For me, the thing I like about the topic is the loss or change of power and influence. I find both corporal punishment and nappy/diaper wearing a bit of a turn off but they seem to be a common element. I like age regression from adult to young teen(ish) the most interesting ie a return to school for an adult Tetora is one of the best writers in that genre. Although the stories have been withdrawn I’m glad I took the trouble to back them up for personal use.




    • I like Tetora too. There is a segment in one story that gets me every time. When the protagonist changes her government record and then gets locked out. It ends up making her twelve on paper. Wonderful! I like Tetora’s writing but I find that he is repetitive within his own stories and they are convoluted sometimes. If he simplified and trimmed the fat they would be even better.

      Thank you for commenting. I enjoy the corporal punishment elements. What could be more humiliating in the heroine’s predicament than to be turned over a person’s knee and spanked like a child? I often use it as a crescendo but the nappy element is usually represented per a request and sometimes for added humiliation. There are no diapers in Christmas Party Favor and other stories of mine.

      Thank you again for taking the time to write.



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